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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a running list of our most frequently asked questions, and their corresponding answers.

Is there county, state and federal oversight of your services?
CCSI’s ICF/MR facility, Ridgewood, is surveyed and certified by the Minnesota Dept. of Health and Minnesota Department of Human Services.

CCSI’s foster care homes are licensed by Minnesota Dept. of Human Services through the local family service agency.

CCSI’s Waivered Services and SILS programs are surveyed and licensed by Minnesota Department of Human Services.

CCSI as a corporation files employment reports with the (federal) Equal Opportunity Commission and the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, Affirmative Action Division.

CCSI is listed with Dun & Bradstreet and files annual financial reports with the (federal) IRS.

CCSI also files annually with the State of Minnesota Office of the Attorney General as a registered charitable organization.
What are the qualifications to rent an apartment at Windsor Apartments?
Windsor Apartments is a 16 unit HUD-subsidized apartment complex for low-income persons. Qualified applicants must have a proven medical disability.
I will be able to pay for services privately because my parents provided for a trust account to cover expenses. Do I still need to contact the county family service agency?
Yes, CCSI does not process personal referrals. All our referrals must come from the county of financial responsibility for a prospective consumer. CCSI is; however, able to accept private pay residents.
I have a family member who has cerebral palsy. He is 19 yrs. old and has up to this time lived at home with his family. We aren’t able to take care of him ourselves anymore. Where do I start to find a home for him to live?
CCSI may be able to serve you if we have an opening, but you need to start with your county family service agency. A case manager will be assigned to you and will contact us if your family member is screened eligible for waivered services.